My Testimony

I suppose if I intend to share some of what God has put on my heart through this site, I should also share some about myself. I grew up in North Carolina where at a young age I went to church and was involved in the youth group. But that changed during my teenage and early adult years as church attendance was almost non-existent. However, at any point, if you were to ask me, I would have claimed to be a Christian. I would have claimed it even in the times when I committed my most despicable sins, not that they’re not all despicable before a holy God. The claim to be a Christian was easy to make and made me feel better, but my heart’s desire wasn’t to be obedient to God’s will or to repent and seek forgiveness when I found myself out of it. Any motivation I felt for doing the “right thing” in a particular moment was never because I wanted to glorify God. So, whether I was active in church or not, I wasn’t saved.

It wasn’t until my wife Karen became pregnant with Kristin in 1993 that I felt God’s prompting of the need to get back into church. I knew the importance of raising my child in church, but I also knew that in order for Kristin to be baptized we needed a church home. As I look back, I realize how gracious God was and can see how He worked His will even through my misplaced motivation. This quest for a church home, which was centered as much on having Kristin baptized as it was on seeking God ended up being the point in which after a long absence, I was once again exposed to God’s Word.

Then, in 1996 we moved to Hoover, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. After some delay, I continued to grow in His Word, both through church and for the first time in my life, a men’s bible study. It was during this time that I came to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Like some can, I can’t pinpoint that exact moment God saved me. More importantly, I know that He has. What I can pinpoint though are various circumstances and times in my life in which God has called me to a deeper walk with Him. Our Christian life really is a walk. It’s like we’re on a path where God is growing us as we move along it. We may all be at different places on the path, but it’s the same path. Sometimes we slip back, but we don’t stay there. By God’s grace, and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in us, we forge ahead. I know God will complete what He began in my life. And I know the process of spiritual growth in me will never end. He’s always molding us more and more into the image of His Son.

I’m thankful for the ministry of Hunter Street Baptist Church and for the many people God has put in my life to teach, challenge, love, encourage and pray for me. I’m far from perfect, and on this side of heaven, I always will be. But I have a Savior who’s perfect. His name is Jesus Christ and it’s only because of what He did on the cross that I can stand. He’s the only reason any of us can stand. I thank God for His grace in saving me, and for His present and future grace. I know I’ll need it. I’m thankful that He loves me in spite of me. My prayer is that I would respond to that love in a way that honors Him, and that I would remain faithful to Him each day knowing that He has always been and will always be faithful to me. “But I call this to mind, and therefore have hope: The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23).

4 thoughts on “My Testimony

  1. Bert, I saw your father at the polls the other day and he told me about your site. I too am so thankful for HIM, that HE still loves me no matter what I’ve done in the past and accepts me because I have accepted HIS son, Jesus Christ! My story started very similar to yours. I knew when we became pregnant with our first son we had to bring him up in a Godly home and we found a wonderful church family in Va. and then back in NC. So thankful that HE is always there for us!!

    • Hey Cindee, Great to hear from you and encouraged by your comments. God is gracious and is always there to forgive our past. There was a lot in mine to forgive. I enjoyed seeing the pictures from the reunion and other pictures posted on facebook. Keep posting those. It keeps those of us who live farther away informed. You take care and God bless you and your family!

  2. Very nice testimonial, Bert. When I knew you in Pfizer, I didn’t know you had this kind of depth in your faith. It is good to know you are a fellow Christian digging into the word and sharing your faith with others. My story is similar to yours, with myself drifting away from consistent faith ironically during my military years. Having children seems to bee God’s way of giving us a responsibility that helps bring us back around. Thanks for sharing and keep up your good work. I am about to be nominated as and elder in my church, so I am finding myself being draw. Into greater responsibilities by our congregation. I am excited to participate at an even deeper level. God Bless. Look us up if you’re ever in the Tampa area.

    • Hey Gary. As I know you are, I’m just thankful for God’s grace. I know He’s always teaching me to trust Him more. Same with you if you’re ever near Birmingham. Look us up. God bless you Gary! Take care.

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