Not Just For Daughters

            This morning, I caught an interview on Fox News concerning the story of a young lady named Kylie Bisutti.  It is well worth sharing with your daughter, as I plan to share it with mine.  I’ve included the link below that provides the details.  At 19 years of age, her dream, or so she thought, of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model had come true.  From a career standpoint, she had accomplished her goal.  Then God, as He often does, stepped in.  As Kylie explains it, the more she read God’s Word, the more convicted she became about the type of modeling (lingerie) she was doing, and decided to change course on the type of modeling she would do moving forward.  I believe her story provides some great lessons not only for our daughters but all of us. 

            The first lesson that can be learned is that there is such a thing as being appropriately dressed. Bisutti sighted the value of this as she sought to be a role model to young girls.  I’m not trying to make a moral judgment on lingerie models, but as parents, we all know what I mean when I say “appropriately dressed”.  The second lesson, I believe, is even more important and one in which we can all benefit.  Way too often, our expressions of faith are not accompanied by action, but in the case of Mrs. Bisutti, it was.  She made the decision that lingerie modeling no longer conformed to her Christian values.  It didn’t necessarily mean she had to give up her career, but surely the step she took caused uncertainty.  You never know how others will respond to your convictions, particularly when they result from your Christian faith, but Bisutti decided it was worth it.  As you read the article you will see that her modeling career continues successfully.   

            Hebrews 11:1 says, “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” If God allowed us to see the end result of our obedience to His prompting, it wouldn’t require faith.  And sometimes when God impresses upon us as individuals that a change needs to be made, it comes at a great cost, perhaps a career change, different lifestyle and more financial uncertainty.  For Mrs. Bisutti, it was a risk that could have cost her a career in modeling because it conflicted with the cultural norm.  But at other times, our obedience to the Lord’s prompting is followed by an immediate blessing because you did walk in faith.  It appears Bisutti will be just fine as she continues her modeling career.  Trust God when He speaks to you because He is trustworthy.  He loves you and gave His Son to show you just how much.  To respond to God’s work in our lives always brings a blessing.  That blessing may come immediately, or it may be delayed until eternity.   But God promises, it will come.  Do you believe it?

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