The Kirk Cameron Interview: Exalting God Is Not An Anti-Gay Rant

             Last week, actor Kirk Cameron appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show.  Cameron, an evangelical Christian was asked several questions related to his beliefs.  I have included two links below, one of Cameron’s comments, the other, a later conversation between Morgan and comedian, Lewis Black.  Both are short but quite instructive.  When asked about homosexuality and gay-marriage, Cameron didn’t flinch, “I think it’s unnatural.  I think it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”  He went on to say that he believed marriage was defined by God, as one man and one woman for life and that he did not support the idea of gay marriage.  Immediately, the arrows began to fly with gay advocacy groups criticizing Cameron for his views.  Then of course Hollywood weighed in with their criticism of his comments.  One thing is certain, when Hollywood weighs in against you on whatever the issue; chances are, you’re on solid moral ground.   

            Scripture speaks directly about sexual sins, including homosexuality (see previous article Same-Sex Marriage: Letting God’s Word Speak).  Cameron’s larger point was that each of us submits to a standard of morality for our lives and his choice is to abide by the one set by God.  Others choose, and have that right to choose a standard that is not of God.  An example of this type of standard was expressed by Herndon Graddick, a spokesman for GLADD, a gay rights group who cited how an increasing number of states had begun recognizing gay marriage, as if that makes it right.  The criticism that Cameron received was described as an “anti-gay” rant, but when you see the interview, it was anything but that.  He spoke directly about the issue and he also spoke about his own sinfulness, saying that he was “at the top of the list” of those in need of a Savior.  His comments were an accurate reflection and recognition of the holiness of God in understanding that, were it not for God’s grace, even the slightest transgression deserves condemnation (first link).  Contrast that with the complete ignorance in which Piers Morgan and Black spoke about Christianity in a later conversation discussing Cameron’s comments (second link).

            This is the world in which we live and standing upon God honoring convictions will only get more difficult.  But be encouraged that we have a sovereign God who will undoubtedly uphold His own character.  A proper Christian perspective sees the sin of homosexuality as it does any other sin such as adultery, murder, gossip, slander, etc.  They are all offenses against God and homosexuality receives no special privilege of being less so.  But a proper Christian perspective also recognizes the power of the gospel to overwhelm sin, including homosexuality.  This sin is not beyond God’s grace, “But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).  So what can change hearts and minds?  God can!  And that should be the hope and prayer of every Christian.  Though it is often accused of being so, the belief in such moral absolutes is not arrogance.  How much more arrogant could one be than to say God is wrong?  There is but one standard that matters; God’s standard.  So for those who would support gay-marriage or homosexuality, or any other issue contrary to what God has said, I’ve got news for you.  Your battle is not really a battle with Kirk Cameron or any other Christian who would desire to honor God in their lives.  Your battle is ultimately with the Almighty God Himself and you, “need not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).  Christian, continue to pray and to love, just as God has loved you in spite of your sins. That love is expressed, however, not by caving to the pressure of unbiblical views of some in our society, but by lovingly telling the Truth and then leaving the rest to God.

One thought on “The Kirk Cameron Interview: Exalting God Is Not An Anti-Gay Rant

  1. Great post Bert! I could not agree more! We all know there’s no quicker way to be labelled a “hater” and fall out of favor with the world than by taking a Biblical position on the issue of homosexuality. God has spoken clearly on the topic and we Christians need to stand firmly on truth without fear of the world’s criticism and wrath. Friendship with God = enmity with the world. Much as we try to emphasize God’s lovingkindness, above all, He is holy! It’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Heb 10:31. The most loving thing any Christian can do is warn those who are perishing of the wrath to come and share the rescue that God has provided. Kudos to Kirk Cameron for standing strong for truth!

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