Institutions of Higher Learning: An Enemy of the Christian Faith?


            Many universities across the nation have long been filled with liberal professors with socialist views and atheistic beliefs.  Over time, the advocates of these views have become more aggressive in implementing within the institutions themselves political correctness and a postmodernistic view that denies Christian truth and liberty.  A recent example of this progressive war on Biblical Christianity came as Stony Brook University in New York decided to no longer cancel classes for major Christian and Jewish holidays.  In response to this decision, Charles Robbins, vice provost for undergraduate education claimed it was to, “increase the level of respect for everybody”.  He went on to say that it was an effort to try and be “inclusive, not exclusive”.  This is a typical response when a decision is made that discriminates against Christianity.  All of these efforts to be inclusive or increase the level of respect, intentionally or not, end up disrespecting Christianity.  Here we see that effort progressing within our nation’s university system.  This sort of anti-Christian march has gone on for some time, but the step taken by Stony Brook University is a new phase of the assault. 

            In August, my daughter will begin her freshman year of college.  Between now and then I know there will be a great deal of advice I feel I will need to disseminate; things to do and not to do, things to be aware of that may help her or things that might harm her.  I guess in all this advice, now more than ever, I need to make her aware of the discrimination she may face from her own educational institution due to her Christian faith.   This is a sad state we now live in.  What years ago used to be great institutions regarding faith have in many cases, now become strong defenders of God hating liberalism.  We live in a world where people hate God.  And this hate exists at all levels within in our higher educational institutions.  Hate may seem a strong word, but there is no neutral position here. 

            As parents, we have way too long relied on our educational system to teach our children reading, writing and arithmetic and we’ve way too long relied on our churches to educate them on matters of faith.  They are to support what is being led in our homes.  We cannot continue to be hands off concerning either of these areas, but particularly concerning matters of faith.  This problem will only get worse and Stony Brook’s decision to no longer cancel classes for Christian holidays will only embolden other universities to do the same.  So I would have to answer yes as to our institutions of higher learning being enemies of the Christian faith.  Therefore, it is more critical than ever that while legal challenges regarding this case or others of this nature run their course, as parents, we help to prepare our children for the ensuing battle.  Our best resource of course is prayer and the power of God.  We need to encourage our children to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20), armed with a strong set of Christian beliefs that will enable them to stand firm as the enemy continues the attack.

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