“Lord, Why Did You Send Me?”

“O Lord, why have you done evil to this people?  Why did you ever send me?” (Exodus 5:22) 

            Never think for a moment that God’s call on your life will be easy.  Moses’ call was anything but easy.  Though receptive and faithful to God’s call, it didn’t mean Moses never questioned it.  In fact, it happened almost immediately when the LORD told him he was to lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt.  But God was gracious to reassure Moses of His power, provision and presence each step of the way.  So with those promises, Moses returned to Egypt, went to Pharaoh and said, “Let my people go”.  Enslaved for four hundred years, was freedom in sight?  Was Moses the man to lead the salvation the LORD would bring Israel?  Upon Moses’ request for freedom, Pharaoh not only responded negatively, but then ordered the work to be made even more difficult.  This brought a response of anger and complaint from the Hebrew people, questioning Moses ability to lead them.  In turn, Moses complained to the LORD and questioned Him.  

            “O Lord, why have you done evil to this people?  Why did you ever send me?”  The Hebrew translation for evil is “trouble”.  From the very outset of Moses carrying out God’s call on his life, he encountered uncertainty and then questioned God.  Have you ever done that?  When God calls you, do you hesitate?  And when that call is great and consequences are difficult, do you question Him?  We often do.  When God calls you and your life is radically changed, you can count on two things:  First, people will doubt you; second, there will come a time, perhaps many, in which you will doubt yourself.  As we read about Moses as he led the Hebrew people, we know this occurred more than once.  When God calls a man or a woman, Satan is always there throwing up obstacles, creating doubt in an attempt to paralyze each of us from being used to further the kingdom of God.  But do you know what?  God is also there and you can count on Him to remove that obstacle in furthering His glory.  His call always comes with His promise to be with us.  We know the Bible’s testimony of Moses is a great one (Deuteronomy 34:10).  He was a great leader; he was humble, obedient and faithful.  But he was also a man, with all the faults of mere men.  He had moments in which he questioned and doubted God along the way.  You may too, but trust God’s power and purpose for your life and remember that the LORD has sent you.     


Father, you are a gracious and loving God in using me even when I am so full of doubt in my ability to carry out what you have called me to do.  Help me remember that it’s not my ability that matters, but your purpose and power.  Forgive me when I hesitate before obeying and when I disobey altogether.  Thank you for the testimony of Moses’ faithful and obedient service.  By your power help me to be faithful to the call you’ve place on my life.  Thank you for grace each day as I live that calling.  Amen!

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