Dear Anne: A Response To Her Comments On Same-Sex Marriage

I came across this picture and quote from Anne Hathaway and thought it deserved a response; a Biblical one:

            Anne Hathaway has an opinion concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  It happens to be an opinion many have.  But implicit in her comments are assumptions that are just not true concerning those who have a different opinion.  She spoke of how in her household being gay was no big deal and that when her brother came out they hugged him and told him they loved him.  A couple of points:  First, being gay is a big deal; just as adultery, murder, stealing and lying are a big deal.  All sin is a big deal to God because He is holy God and He calls us to be holy as well.  Second, her comment concerning her brother makes it seem as if it happened that a person opposed to same-sex marriage had a family member who was homosexual that they would not love him or her.  Not true!  If it did cause that, well, that would neither be right nor Christian.  Christian love is not condoning sin, but praying for deliverance from it.  As Jesus did, we are to always love the sinner, but hate the sin, no matter the sin.  To love God and His Word more than human opinion is never wrong.  As to Anne’ claims that her stand is not because she is brave but decent, I must reject.   For those who believe her stand is brave, it’s not.  The easiest position to take in our culture today is the one that rejects God, and decency is certainly not reserved for those who share her position on this matter.  In fact, some of the most indecent responses have come from pro-gay groups’ protest of those corporations and persons who don’t share their values. 

            I personally reject the whole idea that pro-traditional marriage is somehow unloving and that to be pro-God is necessarily anti-gay.  Pro- God is pro-God, centered on His will expressed in His Word, not just on this particular issue, but all issues.  For those who disagree, you may not care or agree with what God says, but don’t act as if He is not clear on this issue.  He is abundantly clear.  You have just chosen not to believe Him.  As to Anne’ claim that love is a human experience; it is much more than human experience or emotion.  Love is the objective truth of God.  That love came in the person of Jesus Christ and was displayed most fully at the cross.  It is where Jesus willfully went to save us from our sin, and though we may always struggle with it, His intention or desire never was or is to leave us in it.   

2 thoughts on “Dear Anne: A Response To Her Comments On Same-Sex Marriage

  1. I try to be respectful of other people’s opinions, really; but you lost me the moment you went from being gay to “adultery, murder, stealing and lying”. Appalling, but sadly not surprising. I don’t know any consenting adult who would willingly be lied to, cheated on, stolen from, or murdered. So that comparison is the usual nonsense, but what’s sadder is the further perpetuating the lie that gay and Christian are mutually exclusive. It’s actually the opposite, being anti-gay is decidedly unChristian. You either support gay people loving each each other, or you do not. (Hello, that’s what “anti-gay” means.) I am not going to debate Scripture or entertain bad exegesis that says the pro-slavery verses no longer apply but the anti-homosexuality words stand. Anyone who quibble at all with Ms. Hathaway’s support for her brother cannot possibly know Christ.

    • It’s not a matter of whether or not I support gay people loving each, God doesn’t support it. And if you’re wondering where gay got lumped together with stealing, adultery, etc. see 1 Corinthians 1:9-10. Oh, I forgot, you won’t debate Scripture. No instead, you choose to write your own. Sorry, you’re not free to do that. And if you would do a bit more research you would know that nowhere does God condone slavery. I never indicated Ms. Hathaway should not love her brother. In fact, I indicated just the opposite. But to have biblical belief on this issue is not unloving. Lastly, if you would look further in 1 Corinthians 6, specifically v.11 you would notice that what Paul is saying is that people such as those in v.9-10 were saved (“washed”,”sanctified”, “justified”) by the work of Jesus Christ. That is the power of the cross. God saves from whereever you are, but He never saves for you to remain in your sin. God is holy God! Thanks for your comment!

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