Our God

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) 

                The words were simple really.  But simple words are often the manner in which God chooses to impress His point upon us.  It also happens that many times He uses other people to that end.  So what are the words I’m referring to?  To paraphrase, they were, “God is not for you in the sense of just being your cheerleader.  He is much more than that.”  Recently at choir practice, as we rehearsed Chris Tomlin’s song, Our God, of which this verse is contained in the lyrics, Dan took the occasion to emphasize the great truth of Romans 8:31.  Romans 8 is a great chapter.   In fact, some have called it the greatest chapter in the Bible.  It clearly affirms some of God’s greatest promises.  Specifically, Romans 8:31-39 have been referred to as “the highest plateau in the whole of divine revelation”.  That being said, it stands to reason that the full meaning of Romans 8:31 not only be appreciated, but imbedded within our hearts as we live in this present world.    

            “If God is for us, who can be against us?”  One of the primary themes of this section of Romans is the eternal security of the believer, the teaching that what God has done through Christ can never be undone.  Neither the context nor the Greek rendering of this verse leaves open even the possibility that salvation can be lost. Though the world may try to convince us otherwise, it is not so.  For nothing or no one is greater than God Himself and able to separate us from the love of Christ.   

            It has been six years since I last served in the music ministry.  It was a blessing to serve in that ministry and to have met so many wonderful people.  But as it does, life takes you in different directions and after some time, has once again brought me back here.  I find that it’s really not so much that these ministries need us as it is that we need them.  Both the privilege and the blessing of serving are ours.  For me, this first night back at choir practice was further evidence of that point.  We never outgrow the need for God’s Words of truth to be impressed upon our hearts.  He really is so much more than we imagine Him to be.  And He is certainly not just standing on the sidelines hoping in your victory.  He’s guaranteed it!  Christ’s perfect atonement was just that, perfect.  Never let anyone tell you that what you have “in Christ” can be taken away because it can’t be.  The love that God determined to show you before He created the world is the same love He’ll show you not only for all eternity, but at every point in between.  Now that’s total assurance.  That’s real security.  And that’s our God!  


Father, thank you for the love you have shown me.  Thank you that when things come against me, that you are for me.  Thank you that when I am unlovable, you still love me.  We are incapable of imagining how deep your love is for us.  How crazy it is that you would give your own Son for our sin.  But that’s exactly what you did, and I know that because of Christ’ perfect sacrifice that love will always be with me.  You are a great and awesome God! 

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