Does God’s Sovereignty Demand My Silence?

            I believe God is sovereign over all things.  I know He is in control and I know that nothing on earth can thwart His plan and the fact that everything will end in His glory.  But today, my heart hurts for our country.  It hurts because I truly believe that the election results from Tuesday speak volumes as to where we are as a nation, but also as to where we are headed.  Our country is changing, and not for the better.  Under the leadership of President Obama, not only has religious liberty been trampled on, but so have things such as God’s design for marriage and the sanctity of life just to name a few.  These are indisputable facts.  It’s not to say that prior to his presidency we weren’t headed down this road, but under his leadership the speed at which we are traveling has greatly increased.  To say leading up to and since the election passions have been running high would be an understatement.  Social media sites have been overwhelmed with comments.  Something I’ve noticed during this time were the many references to trust in God’s sovereignty no matter how the election turns out, and now that it’s over, trust in His sovereignty in spite of it.  I’ve referenced that truth in my own comments, doing so because from one end of the Bible to the other, God’s sovereignty is made crystal clear.  But I have to say, I have been confounded by some of the comments I’ve seen as they seem to have implied that belief in God’s sovereignty somehow makes it ok to be passive as it relates to our politics, that somehow belief in God’s sovereignty should keep one silent.  So, does God’s sovereignty demand our silence on political issues?  Because we know He is in control, should we not speak out? 

            First, let me say, I respect anyone’s right to their opinion and it’s quite possible that I have mistaken their comments to mean something they don’t.  But I believe wholeheartedly as a Christian that passivity and silence on matters of faith and politics is not an option.  In fact, I would contend that the churches silence on many issues is the part of the reason we are where we are today.  We can’t afford to be nor should we be silent.  The apostle Paul knew God was sovereign in salvation, but he wasn’t passive in sharing the gospel.  The prophets weren’t passive when they spoke of Israel’s unfaithfulness to their covenant with God.  And when faced with opposition, Jesus wasn’t passive when it came to defending truth.  Now we’re not an apostle, a prophet and certainly not Jesus, but neither should we be passive as it relates to our governments dismissal of biblical principles.  We are to honor our president, we are to submit to government authorities, but we are to submit first and foremost to God.  We are to be humble, care for the needs of others and respect all people, but that doesn’t mean we have to lay our Christian faith down like a doormat for people to trample on.  Christians are to enter every area of life prepared to engage in the defense of biblical principles.  We are to stand in every manner for righteousness and the cause of Christ.  Does God need me as His political ally?  No.  Does He need me to fulfill any of His purposes?  Certainly not! 

            If what was meant by the comments made by some were only that we need to moderate our tone, I agree.  Though Christians can’t be absent from public discourse, we should always be mindful of the spirit in which we enter it.  So I contend we do two things.  First, we pray for our President.  Only when his heart is changed will the policies he advocates change.  It always comes down to what God is doing on the inside, not only for President Obama, but for all of us.  The cure is always Christ.  If you believe in the power of prayer, then you will pray.  Second, continue to be light in a dark world and stand for truth in spite of opposition.  Enter in the debate fully aware that God is sovereign.  His sovereignty does not demand our silence; it assures us in moments of doubt and disappointment that there is hope.  I trust in my God who is sovereign.  Furthermore, I know that one day, not only will He make all things new, but He will also make them right!

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