Being Whole

“Wholeness begins by deliberately and daily receiving the lavish, unreasonable, unfailing love of God all the way into our marrow.  When life is too foggy to see the evidences of His love around us, behold it in His Word.  Know it until you feel it.”      — Beth Moore —

            Webster’s dictionary defines whole as being complete; not broken or divided. Too often we look only to what we can see and feel to make us whole. Sometimes we believe other people or things can make us whole. No matter how much we may love them, they can’t. The truth is that wholeness is found only in God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The joys we find in everything else are merely His gifts. They will never complete us. In fact, they will often let us down. God never will. No one loves you like He does. When you can’t see the evidence of God’s love behold it in His Word because His Word is filled it. Seek Him and you’ll find it.

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