Before the Day

“In the morning, O LORD, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation” (Psalm 5:3 NIV) 

Psalm 5 is a lament. The primary function of a lament is to ask the Lord for help in a troubling situation. King David had many situations that troubled him. As some of his psalms do, Psalm 5 doesn’t give the specific experience from which David wrote. We only know it was a troubling one. Though different than his, we have our own troubles as well. This world, the pressures of our jobs, personal relationships, struggles with illness and many other things can be troubling. They often consume so much of us that it makes worship impossible.

            Recently, I downloaded a song from iTunes that I first heard some years ago, but had not heard in a long time. It is called Before the Day. As it did then, it has consumed a lot of time on my personal playlist. There are two primary things I remember about the first time I heard this song: First was how beautiful the lyrics were and how fittingly softly they were sung. The songs theme centers on the value of beginning the day by spending time with the Lord. The second thing I remember was the story the singer told as he introduced the song on this live recording. He spoke of a friend who referred to his early morning quiet time as “Going steady with EDDY”. What this friend meant was that you do it Early, Daily, Diligently and Yielding. He then shared his own experience was that if he doesn’t have his quiet time early, it doesn’t happen at all. Before the Day was written and recorded by NewSong. You should listen to it. It will bless you!

            As far as I can tell, the Bible doesn’t prescribe a particular part of the day that’s best for our quiet time with the Lord. What’s most important is that we take this time every day. My sense however is there is no better time than in the morning. There’s no one better than Lord to help us prepare for the day and the anxiety that waits to rush in, sometimes even before our feet hit the floor. The morning offers a great time of refreshing, a time for us to focus on God, to speak to Him and to sit quietly while He speaks to us. Seek the Lord each day, dwell in His presence, carry Him with you wherever you go and trust that He will see you through.

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