Abortion: Simply A Matter Of The Heart

On January 22nd, it will be 40 years since Roe v. Wade became law. This is no cause for celebration, only shame. Since that time, over 50 million abortions have taken place. In an article published in the January 14th edition of TIME magazine, writer Kate Pickert seems to indicate that every since abortion became law, pro-choice activists have been losing the battle over abortion rights. When considering 50 million murders in 40 years, I’d say she better think again. In his response to the TIME article, Dr. Mohler provides great insight on the abortion issue. He provides encouragement where there is cause to be encouraged, but he also presents the stark reality of the challenge that looms. He points out rightly, that what needs changing are the hearts and minds of the American people. Of all the different ways in which the abortion battle goes on, unless God settles it first, it will never be settled until it’s settled in our hearts. An article worth reading for sure!


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