Love That Is Always Enough

“I have loved you with an everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3) 

            In many ways, I’m a creature of habit. One such way is that when I’m in my car I have certain radio stations and CD’s that I like listening to. I don’t vary too much in this regard.  However, when I travel long distances, I’m forced to do a bit of channel surfing in order to find a radio station of my liking. In doing so recently, I came across a station playing songs from the eighties and nineties, songs that of course brought back a lot of memories. There was some great music in both of those decades. One of the songs that came on the radio was   Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough by Patti Smyth and Don Henley. I used to love that song, but had not heard it in quite some time. As I drove listening to the song and thinking about the title and lyrics, I realized there may in fact be a reason as to why sometimes love isn’t enough.   

            “I have loved you with an everlasting love” The Hebrew people were God’s chosen people, set apart for His purposes. Of all the people on earth, it was them with whom He chose to establish a covenant. A covenant is the binding of two parties. Grounded in love and faithfulness to promises made to the patriarchs, the LORD’s love never ceased, even when many rejected that love. God’s love was always based on grace; He simply loved them because He chose to love them. As Christians, we’re in a covenant relationship with God as well. This new and better covenant is mediated by Jesus Christ. Marriage is also a covenant, the most important human covenant there is. It is also a picture that reflects the relationship that Christ has with the church; believers are the bride of Christ. 

            Now, I don’t know whether the context of Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough is a marriage relationship or not, but the point remains the same. The plain truth is that love, be it in marriage or any other relationship is never enough when we attempt it in our own strength.  Marriage is particularly difficult and constantly under Satan’s attack because of what it represents. Be faithful in your marriage. Be faithful to the covenant you swore before God. Put Christ at its center. Quit trying to love in your own strength and love in God’s because ultimately, your marriage is about His glory. Value your relationship with Christ more than any other. When you do, it can change all others. Certainly your marriage will never be perfect, because you’re not perfect, but as you seek to honor Christ in it, the LORD’s sustaining power will be with you. God is faithful. His power and strength is perfect. And His love, well, it is always enough.    


Father, we know it’s impossible to love as you love. Your love is perfect. But we know that your power is perfect within us. So by the power of the Holy Spirit help us to love in your strength and not our own. Help us to prioritize our relationship to you above all others so we can be in our marriage what your glory deserves. Amen!

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