The Joy of Salvation

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation” (Psalm 51:12). Pride is the root of all sin. King David knew pride and sin well. We too know it well. But David was also a man after God’s own heart, and in time, whenever he found himself out of God’s will, he eventually made his way back and always found God welcoming. The context for which David wrote Psalm 51 was when he was exposed as both an adulterer and murderer (2 Samuel 11:1-12:23).

            The truth is we sin because we’re sinners, but as Christians our hearts default position is obedience to the will of our heavenly Father. You see David express as much in this psalm. He recognized his sin and prayed for a clean heart and renewed spirit, knowing that it was something only the LORD could do.    

            God didn’t save us so we would have to wait for eternity to experience the joy of salvation. Though our joy will be unbroken in eternity, God wants us to experience joy now. David recognized that his sin robbed him of that joy. We must recognize the same. Sin and joy cannot co-exist in the believers’ heart. When you find your fellowship with God broken because of your sin, repent and seek Him with a humble and contrite heart. When you do, you will find God pleased to restore the joy He intended for you all along, joy that is found only in Him.

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