Knowing the True God

“No religion is stronger than its god, and in the case of Christianity, no Christians have ever been stronger than their knowledge of the true God and their desire to obey and glorify Him.”

                                                                                                 – James Montgomery Boice –

             What keeps us from having a greater passion to know the true God? Are we just too busy to spend time getting to know Him? Could it be because we’ve made up a god of our own choosing; one that conforms His will to ours instead of the other way around? James Montgomery Boice’ quote above is found in the introduction to his commentary on Romans 9-11. In many ways, these are three of the most difficult chapters in Scripture. They are difficult because they make it abundantly clear that God, not man, is the center of all things. He is above us in every way. Paul concludes Romans 9-11 by expressing the depth of God’s wisdom and the impossibility of our complete understanding of His ways (Romans 11:33-36). We can never separate our desire to obey and glorify God from our knowledge of Him. That knowledge comes as we submit to His authority and allow free reign of the Holy Spirit in our lives. All of it is by God’s grace. Let us pray that our hearts would be open to His work, that we would have a greater desire to seek to know the only true God. Let us see His greatness, obey His will and glorify Him more and more each day.

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